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Resetting the Labyrinth


There are eight paths on the Labyrinth. Each one represents a micro-task and every stone represents the number of times the task has been accomplished. Every time a stone reaches the end of its path, it stacks up at the bottom serving as a visual reminder of the accomplishments one has done working up to the final reward. 

         This reward is freedom. Freedom to do what we actually want to do with our time, ideally, guilt-free time. As the counterpart of entrapment, the sense of freedom in itself will improve our wellbeing by relieving us from our Overwhelms for a period of time. I can’t guarantee guilt-free time since it’s something completely subjective to the person’s priorities but the idea is that the accumulation of stones at the bottom releases us from the guilt of taking time for ourselves by showing us our accomplishments. Since we can now see the work we’ve done, we can now see we are not wasting time, instead we are using the time we “earned”. To avoid using too much time and spiraling out of control into procrastination, everytime you take time for yourself, the Labyrinth can be reset by rotating it around and returning the stones to their original place.

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