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Bead Falling Down the Labyrinth


Incorporating games into work is a common parenting practice. Through the Labyrinth, I am harvesting the nostalgia of our inner child by capturing the essence of a classic game: the maze. The Labyrinth turns the tasks into missions. Once all the missions are completed by getting all the stones to the end of the maze, the user wins the reward.


   Some of the joys of games are amusement, curiosity and the physical and mental interaction required. The way the stones roll down the Labyrinth is designed specifically to create this level of playfulness. All the paths seem to be blocked off but some of them connect through the underground tunnels. Some paths are there just to add mystery as to where the stones will come out once they go inside the tunnel. This way the tunnels and the paths provoke curiosity and intrigue. The visual and the sound effects of the stones gliding down the wood amuse our senses. This is meant to be an immediate short term reward that sparks joy in an instant. 


Labyrinth Tunnels
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