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the Soap Shell

4" x 3" x 2"

102mm x 76mm x 51mm


Cotton Flowers

Solid hygiene products are essentially a better alternative for the environment than the liquid options by eliminating the typical plastic packaging. Additionally, it makes traveling easier by reducing the number of liquid products we travel with. Still, traveling with solid hygiene bars can be an inconvenience. Even people who prefer using solid hygiene bars on a regular basis decide to travel with the liquid alternatives to avoid placing the bars inside the inefficient plastic containers that make the bars get soggy and consumed faster. As a response, the Soap Shell is designed to reduce the amount of residual water and separates the hygiene bar from the remaining amount when enclosed. Furthermore, by avoiding corners and tight spaces where soap

residue might accumulate, the form of the Soap Shell is designed for easy cleaning as well as enhanced drainage when in use. In order to enhance the environmental benefits of using a hygiene bar, the Soap Shell is made of aluminum, as opposed to the typical choice of plastic, making it lightweight and durable as well as becoming a more conscious purchase and creating a higher level of attachment between the user and the Soap Shell. This attachment to our belongings has been proven to extend the life cycle of products reducing waste. After more than a year in use, the prototype has proven to keep the hygiene bars dry as well as its surroundings when stored for travel.

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