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1.5" x .35"

38mm x 9mm

LCD Screen, Stainless Steel & Leather

Cotton Flowers

Inspired by the Sundial known to use the shadows to indicate the time of day, the aptly named Sundial Watch imitates the shadows by using an LCD that gradually lights up during the hours of the morning. During the hours of the evening it gradually turns the display off. The design reinterprets the digital and analog watch to combine characteristics of each in a marriage between modernity and traditional. The Sundial Watch displays the hours by turning the hour block from off to on or vice versa depending on whether it’s AM or PM.

The minute markers follow the analog design with lines of two sizes running along the round edge of the display but instead of having a hand like the analog watch, the Sundial Watch marks the minutes by lighting up the specific lines leading up to the present minute. These lines, known as the minute lines, are a part of the LCD and light up in an accent color for variety and easy reading. Like a digital watch, the time can be set with two buttons on the side that also allow it to turn on the display when the watch goes to sleep mode.

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