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Every year, the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) holds a multi-day conference with a series of overlapping events called the South Quad (SQ) Conference hosted by a different chapter each time. The Attendees participate in local cultural immersion, career related lectures, competitions, and workshops as well as social and networking events while staying at an AIAS sponsoring hotel. In April 2018, I had first-hand experience coordinating the first SQ Conference in Puerto Rico as the president of the UPR Chapter. During that time it occurred to me, though the details and location of the conferences were different each year, there were constants that could be organized and accessible through a

mobile platform. The South Quad App becomes the go-to place for all things relating to the SQ Conference during different stages of the event.

Prior to the conference, Speakers would provide presentations to the event organizers, Volunteers would be assigned their events and all Attendees including Speakers and Volunteers would register for their desired non-conflicting events. During the conference, Speakers and Volunteers could download presentations, while all Attendees could look up their event’s location and time, explore the local scene with a custom map highlighting points of interest and access their lodging details without going back and forth between mobile apps and websites. Once the event is over, the accounts would be reset for the next SQ Conference.

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