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3.5" x 6/32"

90mm x 4mm

Cardstock & Acetate

Cotton Flowers

As technology develops, it becomes clear that our sense of privacy, and therefore our freedom and security is, and possibly always has been, a false notion. This calls for a reevaluation of our priorities; in order to do so, we must be aware of what privacy means to us and why. The goal of this project is to make one, at the very least, question their notions of privacy, identify why they have them and have the freedom to choose whether they want to abide by the social constructs surrounding privacy or challenge them. In this collection, I explored six different types of privacy acknowledging that people can consider different things private based on philosopher Michael Friedewald’s definition of privacy. 

With the intention of making the viewer feel like they are invading other people’s privacy and reflect, I collected a series of secrets from friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances and had them reflect into why they thought and felt that these things are private. A stereoscope allows the viewer to disconnect themselves from their surroundings and focus on the messages providing them the space and sense of intimacy to reflect on their own ideas of privacy. When invading someone’s privacy in this way, user’s agreed that they felt their own comfort zone being pushed and challenged and enabled them to open up more about their own boundaries of privacy.

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