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Mycelium Block

13.875" x 7.313" x 12"

352mm x 186mm x 305mm



Cotton Flowers

The use of organic materials is growing as the need for alternative material grows due to climate change. As an innovative material, we had to design an ornamental piece to experiment with the process of growing, molding and baking the Mycelium fungus to create a solid object. Parting from the organic nature, we wanted to design a block that could be used as a small planter and a light opening. During our process we learned that the material 

was highly sensitive to the environment. Even though each group followed the same instructions in growing the fungus, each sample grew differently as they were cultivated in different spaces. We also discovered that it worked similarly to concrete in that its aggregate could be changed in order to change its properties. This experiment serves as the first step towards studying the different variables that can be applied to the material so it can be used in caribbean constructions.

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