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Memory Stone

4" x 3" x .75"

102mm x 76mm x 19mm

LCD Screen & Stainless Steel

Cotton Flowers

In the need to exchange documents with a colleague, we find ourselves with portable storage devices but without a laptop to serve as host of said exchange. Why do we need to carry such large objects when all we want is to exchange virtual documents? The Memory Stone serves as an external hard drive with the ability to exchange documents between small storage devices such as SD Cards, USBs or itself. It’s compact size allows for easy travel and its form makes it comfortable to hold.

The external design consists of 3 parts; the screen, the mainboard cover and the battery cover. The LCD screen is curved allowing for a seamless display and it has touchscreen technology for easy browsing without the need of external devices. The mainboard cover includes ports for different portable storage devices as well as a charging port. The device includes its own operating system simplified to its limited specific use of browsing and exchanging documents.

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