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42" x 21" x 60"

106.7cm x 53.3cm x 152.4cm

Ash Wood

Cotton Flowers

Objects relating to chores are typically designed to be highly efficient while everything else comes second. Our association with chores is a “get the job done effectively and quickly” approach therefore the objects are designed with these needs in mind. What if we viewed chores differently? The iisl is an easel for textiles; its design allows the fabric to dry as they are draped over the frame maintaining distance from one another for the air to flow. As one places the drapery on the easel, the items are visually layered creating abstract patterns based on the clothes shapes, colors and textures.

This adds aesthetic beauty to the domestic task as well as providing an outlet for creativity when deciding where to place the textiles. Additionally, though it’s meant to stay mounted displaying the temporary tapestry, the iisl can be flat-packed for easy transportation and storing when not desired as well as prolonging its life cycle since it’s easier to pack when moving despite its tall size. The choice in material takes this into consideration since the Ash wood makes the iisl change color as it naturally weathers with the humidity of the damp drapery prolonging its life cycle and adding value to it as it ages.

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