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4" x 4" x 3/16"

102mm x 102mm x 5mm

Hydrochromic paint, Acrylic & Masonite

Cotton Flowers

Inspired on the Puerto Rican cement tiles, Hydra is a hydrochromic tile that creates a pattern when used sequentially. Furthermore, the design is covered by a hydrochromic layer which allows for two patterns, as it changes when there’s a higher amount of humidity. This technology is ideal for exteriors and bathrooms for it allows the design to create two different spaces with the use of the same tile just by changing the humidity levels.

The pattern is based on the classic caned pattern. This pattern is commonly seen in artisanal furniture, now seen as antiques. The idea is to bring back this iconic arrangement with a modern interpretation. The masonite board provides the design with a textured warm color that resembles the wooden artisanal furniture while the white translates the lightness in the original pattern felt through the spaces between the rattan.

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