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Fountain Faucet

7.8" x 7.13" x 16.75"

200mm x 181mm x 425mm


Cotton Flowers

Objects relating to chores are typically designed to be highly efficient while everything else comes second. Our association with chores is a “get the job done effectively and quickly” approach therefore the objects are designed with these needs in mind. What if we viewed chores differently? By integrating additional design elements that encourage closeness, such as an emotional attachment due to nostalgia or an emotional experience, I can improve our relationship with chores and our quality of life. Through a visible water stream, the Fountain Faucet aims to produce a visual and auditory experience provoking a relaxing and

tranquil environment that enables reflection and meditation thus creating a positive response, much like the reactions we have when surrounded by a river, a fountain or the rain. The limited features of the faucet allow the user to be more mindful during the process and therefore reduce stress levels. The visual aesthetics of the design also play their role in the experience by creating a sense of warmth through its slight curve, warm color and ceramic material as opposed to the typical metal ones that can subconsciously make the environment cold and unwelcoming.

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