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20" x 18" x18"

508mm x 457mm x 457mm

Oak, Aluminum & Cotton

Cotton Flowers

The Flipt functions as both a stool and a small table by just rotating it. It has a removable thick cotton fabric that adjusts to the shape of the body as a seat and the incrusted bent aluminum plates as the tables. It has a thin wooden frame to give it structure and stability while maintaining a warm and light appearance. It’s shape, by rotating it, allows them to be piled up for easy storage and exhibitions. The design process took into consideration the mass production process such as 

the preparation of the materials and how each of them had to be shaped. The wooden frame is prepared using a router and sander and finished with a clear coat to preserve the wood whilst maintaining its natural tint. The metal plates are cut with a router and bent by the slits created to facilitate the process. Later it is polished and painted. Finally, the cotton fabric is cut and sewn with a separating zipper allowing it to be removed for cleaning or changing.

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