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Face Recognition

3.375" x 2.375" x 11/16"

86mm x 60mm x 17mm


Cotton Flowers

Inspired by facial recognition softwares, the Facial Recognition game teaches players to focus on specific areas of a face that differ from person to person in order to avoid misidentification. Confusion happens to everyone but when it’s people in power constantly confusing minority groups we recognize inherent biases based on physical features, especially when it leads to wrongful incarcerations or worse. This is how the game can become a tool for training and evaluation for law enforcement officers. Facial Recognition includes a collection of decks divided by physical characteristics belonging to people that are often confused with one another. The pairs in the deck are not of two exact images but rather 2 different pictures of the same person. 

By having the player match 2 different pictures of the same person, the game forces the players to focus on the facial features. The decks include hint cards that remind the player on which areas of the face to focus on and what things to ignore to avoid confusion based on actual face recognition algorithms and comments from user testers. The different decks can be used to identify ethnic groups where the player might need more practice. It can also be used to test the attention for details in witnesses to make sure they are not typically confusing people that fit the descriptions of the accused. Facial Recognition is not meant to make anyone feel bad but rather evaluate and identify areas of improvement and teach how to distinguish people that share the same physical characteristics.

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