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Brise Soleil

6" x 4" x 12"

152mm x 102mm x 305mm

Hydraulic Cement

Cotton Flowers

The purpose of the block has similarities with its precedent, the IBM building in Spain by Miguel Fisac, both blocks are designed to allow natural light without sacrificing the user’s privacy. In the Brise Soleil Block, the light enters through the 2” openings and is diffused when it is interrupted by the block itself with the same elements that hinder the visibility through. Just like Fisac’s design, the block pushes the boundaries of concrete by creating svelte dimensions. As opposed to Fisac’s design, this one searches to be accessible and used in a common household, as such is the practice of the ornamental block in Puerto Rico.

Designing the Brise Soleil Block required a series of experimentation and study with both the mold and the concrete mix. Designing the mold proved to be the most challenging and had to be studied through prototypes. To achieve a cost-efficient ornamental block, the mold would have to be reusable so its design needed to be easy to dismantle and with the capacity to be cleaned. These requirements affected both the shape and the materials used. The final design of the mold was made out of Melamine and PVC panels and the block was made with hydraulic cement and chicken wire.

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