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3's Company

46" x 41" x 30"

116.8cm x 104.1cm x 76.2cm

Alder & Plywood

Cotton Flowers

As a distinctly personalized design, 3’s Company is a dining table for a couple that always eats side-by-side while streaming on their laptop in front of them. In order to specifically accommodate their lifestyle, the table has three ‘zones’ forming a triangle: the two place settings next to each other and the laptop space across from the place settings. Another personalized aspect of the 3’s Company is its ability to fit the couples ambulatory lifestyle. The way the table has been designed, it can  

be quickly dismantled into three main pieces: the table top, the pedestal and the base, making it easier to pack and carry. Since the table top has an irregular shape for a dining table, the pedestal along with the base carry the majority of its weight as to anchor the table and keep it from tipping over. To show the couple a quick sample of the tabletop and its details, a full scale sample of the tabletop was made to present certain details as well as stain and finish.

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