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12hr Stool

19" x 7.5" x 12"

483mm x 191mm x 305mm

Alder & Brass

Cotton Flowers

With its straightforward function, the 12hr Stool project brief provides the perfect opportunity to focus on craftsmanship. Moreover, it's simple design of four rectangular planes for each of its basic components (legs, cross brace and top surface) allows the process to become the protagonist of the design. As a result, the seamless combination of metal and wood becomes the challenge.

To articulate the function of the cross brace, metal is chosen to symbolize its structural purpose distinguishing it from the rest as well as adding visual complexity to the design. Focusing on the craftsmanship also meant that I could focus on a proper finish. In just a little over 12 hours, the stool was crafted starting with raw wood until smooth and finished.

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